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Nintendo DS Lite Review 2018, Buy Online

Nintendo DS Lite Review 2018

Nintendo DS Lite is a best dual super sharp gaming device with backlit LCD screen. It has new and attractive approach to gaming field. It has a dual screen hand held console. Nintendo DS Lite 2018 is designed, developed, and manufactured by Nintendo. There are limitless possibilities for gaming such as there are two screens. On can show you the main action while the playing, and the other one is used to inventory, map, and secondary viewpoint. These screens can also perform depict huge boss characters at the same time. Nintendo DS Lite was released first time in Japan on March 2, 2006. It was retailed price of 16800 Japanese Yen.
Nintendo DS Lite is one of the new revolutions in the gaming market. It provides ultra-bright dual and touch screen technology to play games. The users can test their gaming skills against players within the room or across the world. The users are enjoying with 3D rendering graphic feature. It delivers cutting-edge portable games for its users of any genre. Nintendo DS headset has features to talk and chat while the playing games over Nintendo WiFi connection. This feature can also be used to put the voice gaming commands.
Nintendo DS Lite review and buy online

Nintendo DS Lite Battery
There is a device which continuous play games till 19 hours on a single charge in modern age. This feature makes it unique from other gaming devices. Nintendo has WiFi connection which provides wireless connection and chat with friends feature. You can play on Nintendo to compete all, even Nintendo DS owners too. Lighting and fast rendering dual powerful processors brings 3D graphic to life. DS Lite is not a just game playing device; it also has additional ports for Game Boy Advance Game Paks.

Nintendeo DS Lite Features
Nintendo DS Lite has three great features that make it unique and attractive than other devices. Touch technology of screen is quite interesting to chat with friends. It can be used to draw funny pictures for friends. There is an option extra finesse which is use to control device screen actions. It has two ports for DS game card and the second one is for game boy game paks. It has been developed by using GBA system of games. Game users can use microphone port to communicate with friends and during the game. See the latest features of Nintendo DS Lite under here. 
Nintendo DS Lite review and buy online

Touch Technology of Screen
Touch screen technology of lower touch utilizes to get a true hand experience. There can be draw pictures and share them with friends via PictoChat. Users can use extra finesse to control the on-screen action, or they can use touch of their fingertips to navigate menus instantly.

System Compatibility
There are two featured separate ports on Nintendo DS Lite. The first port is for DS game cards, and another one is for Game Boy Advance Game Paks. The Nintendo system has been developed based on GBA’s entire back catalogue of games. It has a single playable mode only.

Port of Microphone
Nintendo system has a microphone port which allows users to interact with friends while the playing or in selected games. Users can also use microphone port to communicate with the game environment in brand new ways. 

Nintendo DS Lite Price
There are four different models of Nintendo DS Lite;
  • First Nintendo DS Lite Polar White, 
  • Second is Nintendo DS Lite Crimson / Black, 
  • Nintendo DS Lite – Metallic Rose, and 
  • The fourth one is Nintendo DS Lite Onyx Black. 
All these three devices of Nintendo DS Lite have got 4.0/5 user rating on Amazon. All these products are available in used and new both in different cheap prices. You can check their condition and accurate prices by visiting the Amazon store at the bottom of this article.
Nintendo DS Lite review and buy online

Nintendo DS Lite Reviews:

A Critical Review by Matthew Briggs
Matthew Briggs on January 26, 2017, he writes on Amazon that when he bought a new Nintendo DS Lite there was scratches on screen. He reviews it on Amazon about the fault of the device. After some days the sellers has contacted with him and clear his misunderstanding that actually the scratches is on screen protector. After that he did a next inspection on device and realized that the plastic coating on the screen was scratched.
In the next review, the tile of his review was “I was wrong THEY were right”. He apologizes for his previous review, and accepted the device accuracy and perfection of seller. 
Review can seen at

There are all positive reviews with best user rating on Amazon, and Nintendo official website. A critical review was found on Amazon which we have added above here. Nintendo DS lite remain the best gaming device in 2017. It's about to come 2018 but there is no any alternative which beat it. It will remain the best handheld gaming device in 2018 and 2019 due to its advance exciting features. 

Nintedo DS Lite Buy Online

DS Lite is available on Amazon in cheat prices. You can buy Nintendo DS Lite online by following the given Amazon store link below. There are four device made by Nintendo manufacturer which allow you to buy a compatible device according to your pocket money. You can buy Nintendo DS Lite's charger, battery, and touch also there. Amazon store will provide you all you need to buy online. It is a confidential store trusted by billions of users from the globe. Buy and sell with confidence on Amazon.